Visual designer

The visual designer is an essential tool site, which builds and manages the appearance and layout of the website. Can we imagine him as a map page, where you from the available content components gradually put together.

Site building

Constructor consists of line elements which are inserted into the individual components. The new inline element, you can insert the mouse, drag the icon from section no. 2 in the previous figure. Classic line can be split into multiple columns with different widths so that the page space used up and page layout was what the slickest. Among the features include a comprehensive line except line also Tabs and Accordion.
In the prepared line elements have the desired content can be inserted using the icons of sections Nos. 1 and 3. The ingredients are added drag, taking the constructors always automatically mark the sites in which components can be placed.

If you use the paste over the "Content" (section no. 1 - green) is invoked when you release the mouse modal window to select components. If you choose one of the icons rychlopřidání most frequently used blocks (section no. 3 - blue) jumps directly window for setting the required content components.
Marking places available for inserting content by dragging the mouse.

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