Component Google map

Insert simply and quickly Google maps on your website. This component insert movable Google map with the address of your branch or a defined route.

Why is it good to use the Web Component Google map

  • Exactly show the address of your affiliates and customers will easily find you.
  • On mobile devices, the map is displayed individually for specific operating system.

Component settings Google map

  • Marker on the map - you can insert your own color marker or custom image
  • The initial approach - you can choose how much to be zoomed in map
  • Height map (px) - choose your height maps in px
  • Show dialog for route planning - the choice of whether to be shown on the map route planner or not
  • Show static map on the mobile device - option when the map is displayed on the mobile device as a picture
  • Title - to map, you can insert any title

Template components Google map

Template components Google map