Shared boxes

Shared blocks is a component that allows you to repeatedly insert a set of components. It works simply. You can choose any components and create their own set of components. There then insert into the content as a separate component.

Why is it good to use the web components shared by blocks

  • Shared blocks saves time when editing the website.
  • Block goes repeatedly engage and can be edited in one place.

Shared component configuration blocks

S komponentou pracujete stejně, jako když skládáte rozložení stránky.

Shared block can put together the following components:

basic contents


  •      text content
  •      picture
  •      Photogallery
  •      files
  •      conversion button
  •      citation
  •      Infobox
  •      horizontal line
  •      horizontal gap
  •      price list

Design content


  •      navigation menu
  •      Client Zone
  •      form
  •      full text search


  •      Instagram

Advanced content


  •      Google map
  •      person
  •      HTML slideshow
  •      image slideshow
  •      graphic annotations
  •      Rozcestníkový box
  •      Youtube channel

social content


  •      social buttons
  •      social networks
  •      Facebook LikeBox
  •      Twitter Timeline
  •      embedded tweet
  •      Disqus
  •      Instagram
  •      Copyright and links

Sample folding Shared block in administration


Sample shared switched on block