Image Component

Image helps sell the product and service. Play around with its location, size, title. Images can also be displayed in the form of modern lightbox, when, after clicking on the picture darkens the browser window and opens the simple effect of the photos in higher resolution.

Why is it good to use the Web component Picture

Setting the Image component

  • Template - for changing the title of the Figure. You have several options to view a description of the image (without a label, a description below the picture, a description of the image).
  • Alternative label - used for better description of the image is useful for search engines.
  • Size - adjusts the percentage of the image.
  • Image Alignment - the ability to place the image on the right, left, or center of the page.
  • Picture Style - crops the image to the desired display type (rounded corners, square corners, circular format, with framed or unframed).
  • Opening the image to lightbox - click the image appears in a higher resolution, and the background behind it dims.
  • Link image - through the picture, you can refer to another website, download a file or run a video.
  • You can also display heading level H2 - H6 and assign custom CSS style.

Templates component Picture

  • Without a label
  • Description under the picture
  • Description of the picture

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