Component Prices

Pricing is a very important component of websites, which immediately attracts potential customers. Through this process the component quickly and simply structured price list.

Why is it good to use the Web Component Prices

  • Giving visitors to the site with specific information about the price of the service / product.
  • Transparent pricing can ensure that the potential customer leaves, while Inquire service / product.
  • You alone can set its own prices as needed. It has only one template.
  • All items in the price list can be easily edited and updated.

Price setting components

  • The # symbol (right Alt + X) separates each tab.
  • Symbol ## separates items price list Inserts a horizontal line between them.
  • Symbol == separates individual records, on page did not clear.

Sample components Prices


  • Soup name - 22 $

Main menu

  • Chicken steak - 72 $
  • Pork steak - 72 $
  • Duck - 92 $ To order

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