Component Infobox

Infobox any site visitor can overlook. With it, you have a unique opportunity to highlight important information that may lead to sending delegates to demand. Infobox is clearly color-coded from the other elements on the page.

Why is it good to use the Web component Infobox

  • Greatly increase the chances that a visitor will notice published information.
  • Infobox can be used to promote your product, event, etc.
  • You have a choice of 4 templates that allow you to differentiate the content.
  • It also serves to streamline content on the page.

Setting component Infobox

Template - you can choose from several templates
Text messages - a field in which you fill in the text that is displayed in the info box
Text size - standard, high, highest
Show Information boxing icon - the choice whether or not to display the icon in the info box or not
Heading - heading components

Template components Infobox

  • informative
  • negative
  • neutral
  • positive

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